If you can dream it, TRB Motorsports can make it a reality.


Need a one off part built? Want something that no one else has or have an idea you want brought to life? Our background in custom metal work means we can C&C machine build something unique from scratch or even modify an existing design.

From a 1,000 horsepower twin turbo, to a brand new lifted GMC, FORD, or Dodge. We can truly custom build your dream truck!

If you’re not sure how high of a lift you want then make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram so you can see what TRB customers are doing to their rides, and come by the shop to take advantage of our lift kit specials going on right now! Call us today (972) 242-2807

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Aftermarket Installations

We would love to handle your complete build. We install lift kits, coilovers, regears, winches, bumpers, lights, and ANYTHING else you want to install on your ride.


Graphics can be applied to our signature finish, such as logos, designs, and Jeep names.

Truck Bed

Any color. Over or under rails.

Custom Made To Order

You imagine it, we make it happen. Just call.

Custom Colors

We offer colors from manufacturers’ paint codes or custom made color designs as well.

Interior Jeep Tub

Remove complete interior and spray tub.

Standard Collision Report

We work with insurance companies on a regular basis to get you the most money possible on your claim.


We will gladly help arrange shipping through a reputable company.

Get Up To $3,000 – No Credit Needed
Apply & Be Approved