Take your Truck or Jeep to new heights

The Screamin Diesel Performance twin turbo kit is ideal for any Duramax LML owner that wants to truly take their truck to the next level. This kit will unleash the power that is locked away in your stock engine, and if you already have some basic upgrades done to your truck then this kit will take it a step further to set you apart from the rest.

Duramax LML SDP Twin Turbo Install Includes:

This turbocharger has a larger exhaust housing so it is unnecessary to wastegate the setup and spoolup is seemingly stock with this turbo.

This 3″ pipe upgrade not only allows for more power but also replaces the weak factory silicone boots with SDP’s high quality aftermarket silicone boots which have been tested at ratings exceeding 100psi.

The new up pipe will result in a high performance bellow, drops EGT’s and helps with improved horsepower.

This CP3 pump will match all your stock pump ratings but as you go higher and pass 3000rpm then you will begin to see more performance gains.

This tank will make it easier to reroute the coolant lines and make sure all the sensors are working properly.

These stainless steel clamps will make sure you have the most secure connection on each part of the system.

This reroute kit is designed to protect your intake system from gunk and oil build up that can lead to carbon buildup and other damage to your intake system.

Some systems on the market will require the relocation of battery to an inconvenient location on the truck but with this system it will keep it under the hood and accessible.

With thousands of colors to choose from you can not only get the power from your new twin turbo system but you can give it that truly custom look with your choice of powder coat coating color.


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