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If you are looking to unlock more power from your Cummins engine without having to do a complete system overhaul then this is the package for you. With our Cummins performance package you will eliminate a few design flaws with the factory system while gaining the additional power and performance from the replacement aftermarket parts. Our package includes:

Ram 6.7 Cummins Installation Includes:

EZ Lynk programmers are one of the best on the market allowing you to control, scan, gauge and tune your system from your smart phone.

Long gone are the days where you were forced to connect your programmer to your truck and load up each tune when you wanted to change the power level. With the shift on the fly switch you can move from one tune to another with the turn of a switch.

Being one of the leaders in the industry of custom diesel tuning will ensure that you not only get the best performance from your truck and new performance system but also the peace of mind that your stock components are protected from being damaged.

This kit will eliminate the risk of soot build up or clogged EGR valves, while at the same time resulting in cooler coolant temperatures.

The new air intake system allows for up to 54% better air flow an the enclosed airbox protects the filter from dirt and keeps out engine heat.

This down pipe back exhaust system is a 4″ straight pipe with no muffler. This new exhaust system will not only give you a more aggressive sounding system but will also give you increased air flow, miles per gallon and torque.

Our technicians will install and test all the new parts from your new performance system to ensure you get the most from all the new parts being installed on your truck.



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